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Apr 01st


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Our radiographers are university and clinically trained professionals who specialise in using various types of equipment for the purposes of producing diagnostic medical images.† They pride themselves on conducting all scans professionally and with great care.† They are also willing to answer questions regarding an examination.† Comments about a patientís scans and diagnosis are however left to the supervising radiologists (specialist medical doctor) who will usually report the results to the referring doctors or health care provider.

Melbourne Radiology Clinic - Medical Imaging Expertise

Our director, Dr George Koulouris is an accomplished radiologist having completed training in Australia and the United States.† He has published more than 30 articles in refereed medical journals and textbook chapters, as well as presented at international and national conferences.† Dr Koulouris will review all patient images, formulate a diagnosis and where necessary, consult with your doctor/health care provider.† Though Dr Koulouris is not present in the room during most scans, he will produce the report that accompanies all scans.

Melbourne Radiology Clinic - Director, Dr George Koulouris