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Apr 01st
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Melbourne Radiology Clinic specialises in all facets of radiology with a particular interest in musculoskeletal (orthopaedic, sports medicine and rheumatological), neurosurgical and urological imaging.

About Melbourne Radiology Clinic

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Melbourne Radiology Clinic is an independently owned and operated radiology practice, established in 2009 by radiologist Dr George Koulouris. The Clinic has been established as a centre of excellence in patient care, imaging, reporting and research.

Located in the centre of the East Melbourne medical precinct and near sporting centres such as the MCG and Olympic Park, Melbourne Radiology Clinic specialises in all facets of radiology, with a particular interest in musculoskeletal (orthopaedic, rheumatological and sports medicine) radiology, urological and neurosurgical imaging.

Melbourne Radiology Clinic offers most mainstream radiological modalities utilising Digital X-ray, Multi-Slice CT, Ultrasound and MRI.

Melbourne Radiology Clinic- Independent Radiology Clinic

We ensure safety for patients and precision for clinicians through investment in the latest equipment that produces the finest diagnostic images.

Producing the best diagnostic images of our patients is of paramount importance to Melbourne Radiology Clinic. This ensures that patients receive an accurate diagnosis, prompt medical care and the correct treatment. Melbourne Radiology Clinic uses the latest computer software so that doctors and referring health care practitioners can receive their patient's images and reports instantly online. The latest digital technology means that our CT scanner and X-ray machine use a lower radiation dose. The MRI and ultrasound units offer superb image quality and are the most advanced imaging units commercially available.

New Wide Bore Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanner

Melbourne Radiology Clinic's MRI scanner is the latest Siemens Espree unit which has a wide bore that is 16% larger than conventional MRI units and is ideal for claustrophobic and large patients. Even non-claustrophobic patients, benefit from this technological advancement, as many people still experience some mild anxiety when scanned in a conventional smaller bore MRI unit. This may result in early termination of the examination or movement due to feeling uncomfortable and therefore result in sub-optimal image quality.

Wide-Bore MRI Scanner at Melbourne Radiology Clinic

Our multi-slice CT Scanner scanner has the capability to image the entire body in several seconds for all general CT applications. It also has the ability to produce angiograms of all the arteries of the body, and also examinations such as dentascans.

Other modalities available at Melbourne Radiology Clinic include:

Multi-slice CT scans and ultrasound

A range of procedures are available, including:

Referring doctors and other health care professionals will benefit from quality images, accurate, concise and clinically relevant reports delivered in convenient time frames.

Melbourne Radiology Clinic understands that many people may be anxious during time of illness or when they are undergoing a scan. Our friendly team is there to ensure all patients are comfortable, treated with respect and seen promptly.

Patients will be made welcome by our friendly reception and bookings staff. From the first call for an appointment to the moment a patient leaves, comfort and health will come first. No question is too trivial for us. If there are any questions or concerns, we encourage all patients to please ask and either the reception staff will provide an answer, or appropriately organise for a radiographer (technologist) or radiologist (doctor) to speak with them prior to any procedure.

All staff present at Melbourne Radiology Clinic pride themselves on providing an outstanding service. We value your feedback on all aspects of our service from patients and clinicians alike, so please feel free to contact us.

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