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Apr 01st
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Digital X-ray

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Melbourne Radiology Clinic is delighted to offer the latest in digital imaging technology. Our sophisticated Digital Radiography unit replaces standard X-ray units, delivering a lower radiation dose whilst simultaneously providing superior imaging quality.

This technology also means that patients no longer have to wait for a standard X-ray film to be developed.  Instead, the information obtained from the scan is directly converted to digital data and instantly appears on a computer screen where it is then electronically sent to our radiologist’s computer for reporting. For patients who are referred from medical clinics which receive reports and images electronically, the time spent at our clinic is further reduced. These patients may then leave as soon as the image is taken by our technical staff, without having to wait for any image or results.

X-Ray Whole Spine and X-Ray Long Leg Views

Our state of the art Digital Radiography system allows orthopaedic surgeons the ability to assess alignment of the legs as part of pre-operative assessment of a patient’s leg alignment before hip or knee replacement. This technology literally “stitches” several X-ray studies of the legs together to provide one seamless image of the leg.  It may also be used for assessment of the alignment of the entire spine. Spine surgeons, chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths will find that this technology will form an integral part of the clinical assessment of their patients.


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As our entire imaging is digital, we offer to electronically deliver all scans and reports, thus saving film and paper film bags.

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