Spine & Back Pain Management Injections


Melbourne Radiology Clinic has a particular interest in the treatment of back pain, whether it be cervical (upper), thoracic (middle) or lumbar (lower) spine. Pain at the base of the spine (sacrum and coccyx) is a common complaint and can also be treated.

Most cases of back pain will settle without any need for treatment, or with a brief rehabilitation programme and/or anti-inflammatory medications. In a minority of patients, the pain may be disabling and possibly associated with leg pain, commonly referred to as "sciatica". Melbourne Radiology Clinic is able to assist these patients, by firstly providing an accurate diagnosis and therefore the cause of the pain with a CT and/or MRI scan. When the cause of the pain has been identified, an injection may be of benefit.

Patients requiring a back injection at Melbourne Radiology Clinic will first require a referral to be seen by our radiologist who will discuss the procedure and answer any questions.

The risks and benefits of the injection will be discussed, as well as any special post procedural instructions. All injections are only performed after a consent form has been signed.

The type of injection (such as a facet joint, nerve root or epidural) will depend on firstly the diagnosis made on a previous CT or MRI scan, as well after being personally reviewed by our doctor.

Types of Injections Available

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